2014 SMUSA Election


A Message from the SMUSA Board of Directors

On Friday, April 4th, Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (SMUSA) President-elect Yannick Manga submitted his resignation and will no longer be assuming the office of President. His resignation was approved by the SMUSA Board of Directors on Sunday, April 6th.

According to the SMUSA Constitution, the Association cannot be without a President for more than thirty (30) days. Due to these unprecedented circumstances, the SMUSA Board of Directors has decided to allow the current President, Gorba Bhandari, to complete his annual term until a by-election can be held in the fall.

The Board respects Mr. Manga’s decision and would like to take this opportunity to wish him good luck in all of his future endeavours.

Michael Coady
Chair, SMUSA Board of Directors


The results are in!

Congratulations to our new student president, Yannick Manga!

Yannick Manga

Yannick Manga

Congratulations to our new student Board of Directors, Ali Algermozi, Vishwa Bhayani, Janet (Hsi Ting) Chiang, Shawn Nicholson, and Erick Velasco!

Ali Algermozi
Bhayani_0352_8x10 - Copy
Vishwa Bhayani
Janet - Copy
      Janet (Hsi Ting) Chiang
Nicholson_0354_8x10 - Copy
                   Shawn Nicholson



Erick Velasco


To see how many votes each candidate received, please take a look at the numbers here: Election-Results-Announcement-2014


Referendum  Results

Neither of the referendum questions passed as they require a majority of at least 2/3 (66%).

1. SMUQ Levy

43.9% No

49.7% Yes

6.4% Spoiled

2. Enactus Levy

37.91% No

55.79% Yes

6.29% Spoiled

For any questions regarding the referendum, please contact us at VPAcademic.SMUSA@smu.ca


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