Saint Mary's has many diverse student societies that run throughout the school year as well as some that carry on their activities through the summer! During the school year anywhere from 80 to 100 societies are active on campus. We have societies that represent various countries and cultures, academic societies, general interest societies, and societies that represent different groups, charities, and organizations.

Here are just a few examples of some of the very active societies on campus:

SMU-Q, Sobey School of Business Society, Enactus, Gaming Society, African Students Society, Saudi Students Society, SMU Speak Up, Engineering Society, Conflict Resolution Society, Environmental Society, Oxfam Society and so many more!


All societies wishing to continue activities through the summer months must apply for summer ratification. The ratification form can be found here.

Society NamePresidentEmail
Aborginal society Elora
Art Film SocietyGuillermo Aaristi Suarez
Cancer Fighting Crew Ashley &jenn
SMU Accounting SocietyAnna Ferguson & Brandon
SMU African Student Society (SMASS)Manaf
SMU AIESEC HalifaxCeline Rondeau
SMU Applied Science Student Society Brendan/Mike Grue/
SMU Bangladeshi Students' SocietyAshiqur
SMU Biology SocietyPaige
SMU Board Game SocietyJie
SMU Caribbean Society (SMUCS)Nicholas
SMU Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO)Alexis
SMU Chemistry SocietyNicole Laidlaw & Zachary
SMU Children's Wish Society (CWF SMU)Meagan
SMU Chinese Students AssociationMengqing
SMU Computer Science and Mathematics SocietyJoel
SMU Conflict Resolution SocietyRyan
SMU D. Hope Simpson Geology SocietyAmara
SMU Drama
SMU Enactus SocietyBridget Stevens & Ali
SMU Engineering Society (SMU ENG SOC)Samantha
SMU Environmental Society (SMUES)Joy
SMU Fine Arts Soceity (SMUFAS)Yasmin
SMU Forensics SocietyBrandon
smu Gaming Society Kiernan
SMU Graduation Committee Society (SGM)Makenzie
SMU Habitat SocietySimone
SMU History SocietyBreanna
SMU Internatonal Development Studies Grade Society (IDS)Shannon
SMU Japanese Canadian Cultural Exchange Society (JCCES)Jennifer
SMU Medical Society (SMS)Allison
SMU Model UN SocietyAlexander
SMU Muslim Assocation (SMU MSA)Abdallah
SMU Navigators International Commuity (NIC)Kojo
SMU News Lounge SocietyYeonsu Koh and Salam
SMU Organization of Mature and Part-time Students Society (OPTAMUS)Shannon
SMU Oxfam SocietyAmy
SMU Palestinian Society Tamer Shawa
SMU Parks CanadaJenna Miller
SMU Philosophy Society Daniel
SMU Photography SocietyInga
SMU Power to Change (SMU P2C)Chris
SMU Pre-law SocietyDana
SMU Psychology SocietyKarylyn
SMU Saudi Students SocietyHomood
SMU Sense (SMUSense)Ian
SMU ShineramaAlyson
SMU Sobey MBA SocietyJeff
SMU Sobey School of Business Commerce Society (SSBCS)Sarah
SMU Sociology & Criminology Student SocietyKatie
SMU Undergraduate International Development Student Society (IDS)Erika
SMU Women's CentreKaterina
SMU World University Service of Canada (WUSC)Mutsa
SMU Young Liberals SMUYLDominick
SMU's Voice for Neglected Tropical Diseases (SMU's voice for NTD's)Maheshi
SMU: Speak UpSamantha
SMUQ: LGBTQIAKirsten Paula & Donald