Some of our society forms can be downloaded and filled out in Adobe Acrobat (free download) and returned via email to our Society Coordinatorto save time and paper.

Society Handbook (last updated September, 2009)

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The Society Handbook is a resource for society leaders and includes information about what is required to become a ratified society. It explains society responsibilities including the completion of a constitution and what is required to be included in the Constitution. The Handbook also explains finances and funding and SMUSA Society Policy. Also included are disciplinary actions for society non-compliance.

First Semester Report

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The first semester report must be filled out by all societies that were ratified during any point of the Fall semester (September through December).

Society Ratification Form

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All societies must apply for ratification each academic year. The ratification of societies shall expire on April 30th of each year, regardless of when the society was ratified. Societies wishing to be active during the spring and summer semesters may apply for “Summer Ratification”, which will run from May 1st to August 31st of one year. Applications for Summer Ratification must be accompanied by a letter of intent and be submitted to SMUSA before any events are to be held on campus. In these circumstances, societies must also apply separately for ratification for the regular academic year. A society’s application for ratification must be approved by the SMUSA Society Committee and referred to the SRC for Approval. Societies shall be notified by email within one week of their ratification status by the SRC.

Society Constitution Template

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All societies are required to have a constitution that will serve as the societies’ legal documentation that governs the activities of the society. The Society Handbook explains what is required to be included in the constitution and a sample constitution is attached here for your reference. The society constitution must be in support of the SMUSA Constitution and its vision and mission statements. For assistance with your society constitution please visit the SMUSA Society Coordinator.

Funding Request (Special Event Grant)

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The downloadable form in Adobe PDF format. SMUSA allows up to $2000 in non-repayable funding to each Society every year.

Office Space Application

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Office applications are only for the available spaces in the Student Centre on the 5th floor and applications are accepted at any time. Society history, stability, finances, and programming are all considered.

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Student Event Risk Management Form – (S.E.R.M.) Form

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This form has to be completed in order for SMUSA to approve any society to have an authorized event anywhere and anytime. If the (S.E.R.M) “Student Event Risk Management Form” is not submitted for consideration or has been submitted and was “Denied” then the society event is not sanctioned.

If your event includes any of the following: Alcohol, Transportation, or Activity you must complete the entire “S.E.R.M” form.

If your event does not include alcohol, transportation or any activity you are only required to complete “Part A” of the “S.E.R.M” form.

Student Event Risk Management (SERM) Pre-Event Planning Checklist

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This resource is provided to society Primary Event Organizers (PEO’s) to aid in planning successful events that are free from risk. Please use this checklist when planning your events.

Student Event Incident Report Form

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This form must be filled out should there be any incidents that take place during your event. The primary event organizer must complete a detailed Student Event Incident Report and submit within one working day of the incident

Second Semester Report

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The downloadable form in Adobe PDF format. At the end of each academic year (April/May) every recognized society is required to submit this report summarizing the events of the past year. This form allows the Students’ Association to gauge the activity levels of the society and get to an idea of how active the society is within their constituency.

Treasurer’s Handbook

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A brief guide for new and returning treasurers. The handbook highlights proper bookkeeping procedures, what SMUSA expects for financial records, how to prepare for an audit, and printable sheets for the general ledger and transaction records.