SMUSA performs provincial lobbying and advocacy through a student run provincial organization called StudentsNS.



About StudentsNS

StudentsNS (formerly the Alliance of Nova Scotia Student Associations) was formed in 2003 to provide a united student voice in Nova Scotia. A non-partisan, not-for-profit advocacy group, StudentsNS represents 37,794 post-secondary students at 7 institutions across the province.


  • Acadia Students’ Union
  • Atlantic School of Theology Student Union
  • Cape Breton University Students’ Union
  • Nova Scotia Community College Kingstec Student Union
  • Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association
  • St Francis Xavier Student Union 

StudentsNS Mandate

StudentsNS’ mandate is to represent Nova Scotia post-secondary students by advocating for four fundamental values: accessibility, affordability, quality and student voice.

To learn more about StudentsNS, visit, or contact your StudentsNS representatives:


Collette Robert (StudentsNS Chair)

Kazi Rahman

Ben Gaunce

SMUSA | Provincial
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