Individual Student Funding (ISF)
The purpose of the individual student funding is to benefit our student members’ academic interests as they pursue the display or demonstration of their academic achievements. Events must also be in the interest of the Saint Mary’s University Community.
Do you qualify?

Provide a letter to the Saint Mary’s University’s Students’ Association (SMUSA) Vice-President Academic Affairs explaining how this funding will:

  • Further benefit the individual’s academics
  • Benefit the Saint Mary’s University (SMU) community
  • Provide representation for SMUSA and SMU
  • Provide documentation of the pursuit
  • Event itinerary
  • Letter of acceptance (or equivalent)
  • Transportation confirmation (if applicable)
  • Provide a detailed budget with expected costs associated with participation
  • Provide a completed Individual Student Funding Request Form
  • The maximum amount of funding available per student for each academic year is $500. SMUSA will assess each application individually and cannot guarantee full maximum funding for each student.
  • SMUSA will not consider funding applications for pursuits which have already taken place.
  • SMUSA will not consider funding for capital purchases, maintenance, travel visas or vaccinations.
  • SMUSA will only consider funding for the pursuit of displaying and/or demonstrating academic ability of achievement on behalf of a student.
  • SMUSA will not consider funding tuition-related costs or required curricular activity for SMU (for example, this includes study abroad programs, fieldwork and research).

If you have any further questions, please contact the Vice-President Academic Affairs at [email protected] or (902) 496-8709.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (also referred to as the “Board”) is the highest governing body of the Association as defined by the SMUSA Constitution, a governing document which can only be changed by a referendum.

It consists of up to nine students who are elected from the membership to serve for a term of two years. The Board is tasked with setting the Association’s direction every year and holding the President accountable to fulfill the Board’s vision. The Board is structured under a Policy Governance model whereas Board members author and amend policy consisting of:

1. Executive Limitations – policies that optimize empowerment for management by setting limits
2. Governance Process – policies that determine the Board’s scope
3. Board-Management Delegation – linking governance to the President
4. Ends Policies – the real bottom-line defining what the organization is for and not what it does

The President acts as the Chief Executive Officer and interprets active policies in the day-to-day management of the Association. The Board focuses solely on the future and not the past or present. The Board’s mandate is to establish policy to ensure your Students’ Association is continually working to improve the quality of life and educational experience for each student at Saint Mary’s University.

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Teaching Excellence Awards

The SMUSA Teaching Excellence Awards are presented to those professors, teaching assistants, and/or other University member who have gone above and beyond their call of duty. Nominees have demonstrated concern and commitment to the quality of student life either within or outside the classroom setting and have positively affected the learning environment for students. These awards are presented to show gratitude from the students for all the hard work that the nominees have done and to show appreciation for their efforts towards improving the quality of life and educational experiences at Saint Mary’s University.

If you have any questions about the Teaching Excellence Awards, please contact the Vice-President of Academic Affairs at [email protected] or (902) 496-8709.

View Teaching Excellence AwardsTeaching Excellence Award Nomination Form

Student Leadership Recognition Award (SLRA)

The Student Leadership Recognition Award, SLRA, formally recognizes students that possess, display, and apply leadership qualities and skills within the classroom, the Saint Mary’s University community and beyond.

Semi-annually, the SLRA recognizes up-to three students from each Faculty (Arts, Graduate Studies, Science, and Sobey School of Business). The award can only be received once in an academic year.

Enrolment Requirement:

Requirement Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
Enrolment Status Completed at least 15 credit hours Full time status

Non-Academic Requirements

  • Must currently be volunteering OR must have accumulated over 60 hours of volunteer service in the past 12 months
  • Must have assisted or organized at least two (2) significant on-campus events in the past 12 months

Demonstration of Leadership Qualities

Must be actively involved at Saint Mary’s University and or the greater community. See examples below:

  • An active member of a student-run society
  • A teaching assistant, a Residence Assistant or a LEAP Peer Mentor
  • An athlete
  • An active off-campus volunteer / leader
Apply Now

Applications are due Monday, March 8th. Please visit the CCR website for more information.

Occupational Health and Safety Program

In compliance with the requirement of Section 27 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, SMUSA has developed an OHS Policy.  The OHS Policy establishes the framework of responsibilities and accountabilities of the organization.

Download OHS Program