Students and faculty at Saint Mary’s University will now have more time to prepare for the end of the term and get ready for final examinations next fall, due to a new pilot project.

“The creation of a week-long fall break demonstrates that Saint Mary’s University is committed to tackling issues such as student mental health, student retention, and student engagement,” said SMUSA President Ossama Nasrallah. “SMUSA did the research, provided the reasoning and championed this initiative at the University Senate. Students should take pride that the university listened to them and took action based on their concerns.”

The decision to try a full week break as a pilot, opposed to the previous two-day break,was made last Friday, January 12th, at the Saint Mary’s University Academic Senate. The suggestion for the change came from the Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (SMUSA). SMUSA surveyed more than 1000 students regarding a potential fall break. The survey results showed that more than 88% supported extending the break.

“SMUSA provided the Senate with a detailed and thoroughly researched proposal,” said Dr. Madine VanderPlaat, Chairperson, Saint Mary’s University Academic Senate. “There was clear interest from students for this change; and a willingness on the part of Senate to support a pilot project for fall 2018.” 

Saint Mary’s 2018 fall break will take place from November 12 until November 16, 2018.