Ratified Societies List

Name of Society


Society Email

SMU Deeper Life Campus Fellowship Oladosu Anifowose [email protected] 
SMU Children’s Wish Society Karley Perrin / Brittany Fitzgerald [email protected] 
SMU AIESEC Halifax Ali El Defrawi / Mina Mikhail / Jennifer Myrer [email protected] 
SMU Speak Up Society Sk Mahmudur Rahman [email protected] 
SMU Enactus Society Valerie Caswell / Meredith Drost [email protected] 
SMU African Student Society Nice Ishimwe/ Sarah Afoke [email protected]
Saint Mary’s University Habitat for Humanity society Victoria Hawkins [email protected]
Saint Mary’s University Great Enlightenment Youth Association [email protected]
Sobey School of Business Commerce Society Sarah Cameron [email protected]
Saint Mary’s University Community Food Room society Nishka Rajesh [email protected]
SMU Graduate Student Association society Keif Godbout Kinney [email protected]
Saint Mary’s University English society Luke Doyle [email protected]
Saint Mary’s University Conflict Resolution Society Maggie Redden [email protected]
International Development Studies Undergraduate Society IDSUS Abby Dooks [email protected]
SMU Chemistry Taylor Lynk [email protected]
Muslims Students Association of SMU Ahmed Alsaeed [email protected]
SMU MBA Society Kyle Gulliver / Parker Bell [email protected]
SMU School of Business Accounting Society Andrew Cartell [email protected]
SMU Society of Economic Geologists Student Chapter Catherine Sedge [email protected]
Saudi Student Society Abdulrahman Alobied [email protected]
Power to Change Sonya Radvan [email protected]
Navigators International Community David Lou [email protected]
SMU History Society Kirby Ross [email protected]
SMUCSA Saint Mary’s University Chinese Student Association Shufan Liu [email protected]
Saint Mary’s Engineering Society Jeremy Scallion [email protected]
Saint Mary’s Debate Society James Gavin [email protected]
SMU Psychology Society Samantha Comeau [email protected]
Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) Amanda Katsande [email protected]
SMU Parks Canada Society Jenna Miller [email protected]
SMU Top Me Crew JieLi [email protected]
SMU Environmental Society Adam Salame [email protected]
SMU Forensic Society Rachell Scott [email protected]
SMU Bangladeshi Society Ayat Obaidullah [email protected]
Saint Mary’s University Geography Society  (SMUGS) Sarah Milbury [email protected]
Model United Nations Society Abby Dooks [email protected]
D-Hope Simpson Geology Society Nicole Kennedy [email protected]
Saint Mary’s Unversity Indigenous Society Isaiah Bernard / Boyce Campbell/ Salina Kemp [email protected]
SMU Caribbean Society Ariel / Ashley [email protected]
SMU Music Society Myles Davidson / Katherine Heim [email protected]
SMU SAMHI (Student Athlete Mental Health Initiative) Carlie Nugent/ Sarah Handel/ Kanaar Bell [email protected]
SMU DESI Students’ Society Ajay Deb [email protected]
SMU Queer Society (SMUQ) Alysha Langille [email protected]
SMU Criminology Society Katie Dorey [email protected]
SMU WUSC Society Andrew Jones [email protected]
SMU Political Science Society Tommy Lee [email protected]
SMU Photography Society Avran Makkar [email protected] 
SMU No More Fear Society (NMF) Sophie Slessor [email protected]
SMU Journal Publishing Society Zahra Dubow [email protected]
SMU Women’s Centre Nechelle Nicholas [email protected]
SMU Arab Society Rami Zokari [email protected]
Saint Mary’s University Biology Society (SMUBS) Alexa Tymkiw [email protected]
Saint Mary’s University Medical Campus Response Team (SMU-MCRT) Brendan Grue [email protected]
International Student Society Ibrahim Ali [email protected]
SMU Health Promotion Society Liam Dale, Peter Mitchell [email protected]


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Non-Ratified Societies List*

*Please note that not all of the following societies are active, nor have they all been ratified.

Name of Society

Society Email

SMU Community of Korean Students [email protected]
SMU Computer Science and Mathematics Society [email protected]
SMU Computing & Information systems Society [email protected]
SMU Drama Society [email protected]
SMU Economic Society [email protected]
SMU Escape Game [email protected]
SMU Finanace Society [email protected]
smu Gaming Society [email protected]
SMU Japanese Canadian Cultural Exchange Society (JCCES) [email protected]
SMU Medical Society (SMS) [email protected]
SMU Organization of Mature and Part-time Students Society (OPTAMUS) [email protected]
SMU Philosophy Scoiety [email protected]
SMU Pre Law Society [email protected]
SMU Turkish Society [email protected]
SMU World University Service of Canada (WUSC) [email protected]
SMU Young Liberals SMUYL [email protected]
SMUQ: LGBTQIA [email protected]
SMU’S Linguistics Society (SMULS) [email protected]
SMU’s Voice for Neglected Tropical Diseases (SMU’s voice for NTD’s) [email protected]
IDS Grad Society [email protected]
SMU Marketing Society [email protected]
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