The Board of Directors (also referred to as the "Board") is the highest governing body of the Association as defined by the SMUSA Constitution, a governing document which can only be changed by a referendum.

It consists of up to nine students who are elected from the membership to serve for a term of two years. The Board is tasked with setting the Association's direction every year and holding the President accountable to fulfill the Board's vision. The Board is structured under a Policy Governance model whereas Board members author and amend policy consisting of:

1. Executive Limitations - policies that optimize empowerment for management by setting limits
2. Governance Process - policies that determine the Board’s scope
3. Board-Management Delegation – linking governance to the President
4. Ends Policies - the real bottom-line defining what the organization is for and not what it does

The President acts as the Chief Executive Officer and interprets active policies in the day-to-day management of the Association. The Board focuses solely on the future and not the past or present. The Board's mandate is to establish policy to ensure your Students' Association is continually working to improve the quality of life and educational experience for each student at Saint Mary’s University.

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