2017 General Election Results

March 8th & 9th, 2017


Presidential Election

CandidateRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
Simon Gordon331349410
Xiang Lin76
Ossama Nasrallah6676727228621255
Kazi Rahman390391430554
Matt Smith232237

Ossama Nasrallah wins.


Board of Directors Election

CandidateRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7
Mitch Archibald228236238255277319343
Mohammad Ashiq133134140142149151
Ollando Brown116118126133162172191
Valerie Caswell181184188197207242256
Alyssa Frampton110119122133144
Omar Hany267270281292304321344
Rafee Hossain119123126131
Drew Jardine4243
Yuri Kumar696970
Jie (Vicky) Li191193202206209219229
Nikhil Sharma31
Neil Van Horne84848488

Filling 5 New Spots:

1. Mitch Archibald
2. Ollando Brown
3. Valerie Caswell
4. Omar Hany
5. Jie (Vicky) Li






If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Chief Returning Officer, Lindsay Vanderwater, at elections.smusa@smu.ca.




Presidential Debate:


Board of Directors Forum (Part 1):


Board of Directors Forum (Part 2):


2016 General Election Results

February 24th and 25th, 2016


Referendum Questions

The following are the election results from the referendum questions:

1 in 5 Canadians suffer from mental illness. Would you be willing to pay $2 per year to support mental wellbeing on campus? (Requires two-thirds vote to pass) (%’s)

Yes: 69.8%
No: 30.2%
Referendum Passes

The SMU Women’s Centre is a student-run organization that offers a safe space on campus for students of all genders, crisis referrals, advocacy, support, Free condoms, pads/tampons, lube, Coffee, and tea. Their events focus on education, community and supporting the local charities. Currently you are paying a yearly levy of 2$, do you support the continuation of this fee to allow the Women centre’s services to remain available to students? (Requires 50%+1 vote to pass)

Yes: 71.6%
No: 28.4%%
Referendum Passes

Do you support a one-time fee of $2 per student to help sponsor a refugee family to come to Saint Mary’s University? (Requires two-thirds vote to pass) (%’s)

Yes: 74%
No: 26%
Referendum Passes

Enactus Saint Mary’s is a student run not for-profit organization that uses entrepreneurial action to impact communities through several student run projects. These projects range from providing support to refugees, working with women in prisons, and arranging the distribution of feminine hygiene products to women in Kenya. Enactus Saint Mary’s is open to all students across campus. Do you support Enactus Saint Mary’s in receiving an annual levy of $2, simply one cup of coffee a year, to sustain the growth of these projects? (Requires two-thirds vote to pass) (%’s)

Yes: 60.4%
No: 39.6%
Referendum Does Not Pass

SMUSA believes in equity and inclusion of all students. Do you support amending the constitution to include only gender-neutral language? (Requires two-thirds vote to pass) (%’s)

Yes: 65.7%
No: 34.3%
Referendum Does Not Pass

Students currently support The SMU Journal, the only student-run publication on campus since 1935. Each student pays $2 annually to cover the paper’s operating expenses. Do you support the continuation of this levy and the continued independence of The SMU Journal? (Requires 50%+1 vote to pass) (%’s)

Yes: 50.5%
No: 49.5%
Referendum Passes

 Presidential Election


Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5

Round 6

Byrne, Scott22
MacDonald, Erika96106121
Nasrallah, Ossama441442454482585
Nicholson, Shawn7579
Rahman, Kazi498449508524591888
Robert, Collette210211227269

Kazi Rahman wins!

Board of Directors Election


Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9

Round 10

Batra, Bharath4546
Bhaskar, Deeksha124132151157165170178180191200
Brown, Ollando777981839097103107113
Dhubow, Zahra77787884859195101
D’Souza, Kimerline767980818182
Garwe, Lindsay9295100103107110117118128154
Hossain, Rafee515252
Khandokar, Maksud6062626666
Lin, Xiang52525455
Oshobu, Oyindamola182182183185186196206209215242
Raeburn, Jane107108110112112118123126139145
Rahman, Ashquir73757880818888
Shams, Talha189192195196196197204244256261
Singh, Tavali29

Filling 5 New Spots:
1. Deeska Bhaskar
2. Lindsay Garwe
3. Oyindamola Oshobu
4. Jane Raeburn
5. Talha Shams


2015 General Election Results

March 3-4, 2015


Referendum Questions

The following issues will go to a referendum in the upcoming election:

  1. SMU students currently subscribe to the Metro Transit U-Pass program, which provides affordable access to Metro Transit bus and ferry services. Do you support the continuation of this annual fee of $150.25 for full-time students to access Metro Transit bus and ferry services valid from September through April? (Requires 50%+1 vote to pass)

    Yes: 85.8%
    No: 13.1%
    Spoiled: 1.1%
    Referendum Passes

  2. SMU students currently do not have access to a Metro Transit U-Pass program that runs throughout the summer semester. Do you support the implementation of a new fee of $75.00 for students enrolled in three-credit-hours over the summer to access Metro Transit bus and ferry services valid from May through August? (Requires two-thirds vote to pass)
    Yes: 81.0%
    No: 17.4%
    Spoiled: 1.6%
    Referendum Passes

  • SMU students currently help sponsor a refugee each year to move to Canada and earn a degree at Saint Mary’s through an annual fee of $2 (full-time students) or $1 (part-time students). Do you support an increase of 25 cents to help this levy meet the growing costs of the World University Service of Canada program? (Requires two-thirds vote to pass)
    Yes: 77.6%
    No: 20.5%
    Spoiled: 1.9%
    Referendum Passes

  • SMU students currently do not have adequate access to resources intended to support internationalization and the idea of global citizenship. Do you support the creation of a Global Initiative Fund to finance educational and culturally based events, programming and travel through an annual fee of $2 (full-time students) or $1 (part-time students)? (Requires two-thirds vote to pass)
    Yes: 71.8%
    No: 28.2%
    Referendum Passes

 Presidential Election

Round 1Round 2
Amali  Armony453548
Preston  Matthews361479
Ossama Nasrallah354

Amali Armony wins with 37.9% of all votes.

Board of Directors Election

CANDIDATESRound 1Round 2Round 3
Jermaine Addo94104
Homood Alanazi176178197
Ben Gaunce135140148
Erika MacDonald89
Mohammed Madokh137140144
Kirsten Paula128155164
Landry Rakotondrafara104108148
Bryan Rice162185193

New Board Members:

Homood Alanazi
Bryan J. Rice (Re-elected)
Kirsten Paula
Ben Gaunce
Landry Rakotondrafara
Mohammed Madokh

View our Elections Policy View more info about the World University Service of Canada

2014 SMUSA Election

A Message from the SMUSA Board of Directors

The results are in!


Congratulations to our new SMUSA President James Patriquin!


Presidential election results requiring a majority of 2/3 (66 %)

Yes 86.7%

No 11.3%

Spoiled 2%

Referendum election results requiring a majority of 2/3 (66 %)


Yes 51.4 %

No 47.4 %

Spoiled 1.2 %

WUSC levy

Yes 61.05 %

No 37.5 %

Spoiled 1.45%


NO to James Patriquin7575NO to James Patriquin
YES to James Patriquin571571YES to James Patriquin
Total Ballots Cast658658Total Ballots Cast


Referendum Question #1
Enactus Saint Mary’s is a student run organization that aims to better the quality of life and standard of living of the communities and individuals we work with through various projects focused on the social, economic, and environmental sustainability of our society. Would you like to support Enactus Saint Mary’s by donating $2.00 annually?

Total Ballots Cast651651Total Ballots Cast


Referendum Question #2
SMU students help sponsor a refugee to earn a degree at Saint Mary’s by paying $2 (Full time) or $1 (Part time) per year. Would you support an increase of 25 cents to this levy to meet the rising costs of the program?

Total Ballots Cast647647Total Ballots Cast

For any questions regarding the referendum, please contact us at evp.SMUSA@smu.ca

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