Individual Student Funding (ISF)

The purpose of the individual student funding initiative is to benefit our students’ academic interests as well as those of the Saint Mary’s community. This funding is made possible due to a partnership between SMUSA, TD Insurance Meloche Monnex and over 40,000 SMU Alumni worldwide. In order to qualify for funding:

Students MUST meet the following criteria (click here for the full Individual Student Funding policy pd)):

1. Provide a letter to the SMUSA VP Academic Affairs (at explaining how this funding will:
a. Further benefit the individual’s academics
b. Benefit the Saint Mary’s University Community
c. Provide representation for SMUSA/SMU
2. Provide documentation of the event
a. Itinerary of the event
b. Letter of acceptance (or equivalent) for the event
3. Provide a detailed budget and expected costs associated with participating in this event.
4. Provide a completed Individual Student Funding Request Form


1. The maximum amount available is $500 per student, per academic year.
2. SMUSA will not consider funding after the event has taken place.
3. SMUSA will not consider funding for capital purchases or maintenance.
4. SMUSA will only consider funding for the pursuit of displaying and/or demonstrating academic ability or achievement on behalf of a student.
5. SMUSA will not consider funding tuition-related costs or required curricular activity for SMU (for example, fieldwork or research).

Examples of funding requests would include: conferences related to academics in which SMU is being represented and will further the student’s academic knowledge; or academic competitions where SMU will be represented.

Individual Student Funding Form Download

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