About the Database

SMUSA is dedicated to meeting and representing the academic needs of the student population at Saint Mary’s University. In this respect, we are implementing a Tutoring Database to facilitate communication between SMUSA-verified tutors and students in need of academic assistance. It is our goal to maintain a database of tutors covering as many subject areas as possible to ensure student needs are met. We have created a system of guidelines to ensure a fair and effective relationship between the tutor and student:

Access the Database

Click here to access a database of tutors within your faculty*. If you cannot find a tutor for a specific class, contact the Vice President Academic Affairs. If you’re interested in learning about SMUSA’s Tutoring Guidelines, please click on the following click here.

Interested in Becoming a SMUSA-Verified Tutor?

Please click here or contact the Vice President Academic Affairs. Please note that you must have achieved a grade of at least A- (80%) in any class you wish to tutor and complete an online tutoring module, in which the link will be distributed through email once you submit your application.

Questions or Concerns?

Contact the Vice President Academic Affairs

(902) 496-8709
5th Floor of the Student Centre