Husky Patrol Safe Drive Service
A Free Service Brought to You by Your Students’ Association. Husky Patrol is a service provided by SMUSA (Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association). The purpose of Husky Patrol is to provide a free and safe drive service, to and from the University campus, for SMU students, faculty and staff.

Hours of Operation:
Sunday - Friday (No Service on Saturday)
Van 1: 6:30 – 12:00am
Van 2: 7:30 – 11:30pm

Please Note:
At 11:45pm the service will stop taking pick-ups and drop-offs, but it will continue to service all students who previously signed up before this time.

How Do I Use Husky Patrol?
On-Campus: Go to the Information Desk, located on the 1st floor of the Student Centre, and present your valid Saint Mary's Student's ID.
Off-Campus: For an off-campus pick-up call the Information Desk at 496-8713 with your valid Saint Mary's Student's ID ready.

Husky Patrol Office
All inquiries about the service can be directed to the Husky Patrol Manager in the fifth floor of the Student Centre, Room 522. Office hours are posted on the door or you can call 496-8718.

Serviceable Area Map
Click here to view service area map

Rules of the Road
1. All passengers must have a valid Saint Mary's Student, Staff or Faculty ID.

2. No smoking in the van(s).

3. Passengers are not permitted to have open food or beverages in the van(s).

4. Passengers must wear seat belts at all times while in the van(s).

5. Passengers are not permitted to use profane language, be disruptive, or abusive physically or verbally towards the driver, security or other passengers.

6. Husky Patrol does not do pick-ups or drop-offs at liquors stores, bars/clubs or restaurants, unless you can provide proof of employment.

7. Passengers are not permitted to transport alcohol in the van(s).

8. Husky Patrol does not do house-to-house pick-ups. Passengers must either be going to or leaving from the university.

9. Passengers with bags/backpacks, etc..are permitted as long as they do no interfere with other passengers’ safety or comfort.

10. Passengers who have reached the point of intoxication will not be permitted in the van(s).

11. Please refer to the “Service Area Map” for boundaries of Husky Patrol.

Cancellation Policy
Husky Patrol may be canceled at any time due to poor driving conditions or mechanical problems with the van(s). Husky Patrol staff recognizes that this may be an inconvenience to our passengers and apologizes in advance, in the event of such an occurrence. “Husky Patrol reserves the right to deny to any customer that it deems necessary.”


1. If the weather’s stormy, will Husky Patrol still be in service?
This is decided by the Husky Patrol Manager by taking a number of safety factors into consideration. Usually the desk staff will know by about 4:30pm that day if the service will be running or not. Please call to find out. If the service is canceled for the night, the Information Desk will close at 9pm.

2. What if I’m a Saint Mary's student and my friend’s not? Can he/she come with me in the van?
Unfortunately, no. Husky Patrol is a service strictly for Saint Mary's students, staff and faculty only. Sorry, no exceptions are made.

3. I lost my Saint Mary's Student ID, can I still take Husky Patrol?

Only if you can show your registration receipt and another form of ID. Other than that, you have to go to the Library and get another Saint Mary's Student ID issued. Sorry, no exceptions are made.

Contact Information
Christopher MacDonald, Husky Patrol Manager
SC521, Marketing Dept., 5th floor Student Centre

For pick-ups please call the Information Desk: