The Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (SMUSA) condemns the anti-Indigenous violence in Nova Scotia and we stand in solidarity with our community in Mi’kma’ki who are defending their rights to a moderate livelihood. This violence and intimidation is disgraceful and is rooted in centuries of colonial oppression against Indigenous peoples.

The impacts of these events have spread across the (country) and are negatively impacting all Indigenous peoples, including students at Saint Mary’s. On October 26th, 2020, Saint Mary’s University announced a decision to provide academic amnesty to any students who wish to participate in support, solidarity and advocacy efforts related to this ongoing (violence) against Mi’kmaw people. This means that professors are encouraged to provide accommodations, such as extended timelines for course component submissions, and/or alternative times to write tests and examinations. If you are experiencing trouble with a professor, please do not hesitate to reach out to us so that we can help you with getting these accommodations.

We strive to use our platform to share educational information and advocacy resources, but more than just words, we want action. That is why we have been advocating to the federal and provincial governments to uphold the rights and protect the lives of Mi’kmaw people. As well, we are calling on Saint Mary’s University, an academic and colonial institution that possesses a wealth of knowledge and power, to take direct action to support our students.

Please stand with us to end racism and violence against Indigenous people. If you want to get involved or are looking for support, check out the links below.